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Export factoring

What is export factoring?

Our solutions free up capital for your business and help you achieve your business goals。

Supply chain financing

What is supply chain Finance?

We optimize cash flow for the entire supply chain to get the most out of it。

Who are we


We offer our clients financing solutions that make business easier。 We primarily serve small and medium-sized customers across a variety of product and service categories, and our mission is to improve cash flow。


我們根據您的獨特需求提供定制化融資。 Flexibility is at the heart of our service。

Global focus

With employees on four continents, we bring international expertise and capabilities to financing relationships。

Indigenous expert

As a founder-led business, we understand the needs of smes in the global marketplace。

Our financing is scalable and can grow with your company。

Business growth is our clients' number one priority。 As your sales grow, we have the ability to increase our financing。

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Worldwide, 72.5% of payments are overdue。

We purchase your invoices and pay you a high percentage in advance up to 95% of the invoice face value。

Average number of days to receive payment。

Without waiting for buyers to pay, your business can stay well-funded。

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More than half of smes fail due to poor cash flow management。

Our solutions bridge cash flow gaps, enabling you to offer buyers longer payment terms and pay suppliers on time。

Get rid of moratoria

After submitting your invoice, you will receive your payment within 24-48 hours。

Dynamic financing

Our services are not loans, so for many businesses, our financing does not show up as debt on the balance sheet。

Convenient process

Our local experts comply with the regulations of each country in which we operate and provide appropriate services, such as currency regulatory controls。

Supplementary financing

We perform collection, collection and billing on your behalf, which will simplify the workflow for you。

Export factoring

Solve short-term cash flow problems。

We can solve short-term cash flow problems by purchasing invoices from your company, up to 95% of the total value of the invoice can be prepaid to you。When the invoice is due, we will collect the full amount from your buyer。We will pay you the balance when the invoice is paid in full。

Supply chain financing

Financial support based on accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory。

In addition to factoring your export receivables, we can also finance your entire supply chain。Our global supply chain finance program provides funding support based on accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory。Using purchase order financing, inventory financing, letters of credit and structured guarantees, our financing services help align the needs of buyers and sellers。

Centralized payment processing

You can pay bills for multiple different vendors by simply centralizing payments to one account, saving a lot of paperwork。

Financing of foreign suppliers

Finance your foreign suppliers based on your credit standing and financial strength。

Flexible settlement

With your off-balance sheet credit, your suppliers can get paid early and at a low cost。

Wider range of suppliers

Suppliers can be selected on a wider scale: work with smaller suppliers and contract directly with them。

Our customers

Unique advantages for all kinds of enterprises

High growth

Fast-growing businesses need flexible financing solutions that increase in liquidity as sales increase。Once the invoice is issued, Tradewind can provide cash flow。

International trade

Many banks, factoring and financing institutions are unable to finance international sales。Tradewind has a global network of local experts and an understanding of country-specific regulations。

Asset-light or capital-intensive

Trading companies usually have limited physical goods but many orders and receivables。Tradewind uses these receivables as working capital。

Strong buyer mix

Instead of screening businesses based on traditional credit and risk assessment criteria, we primarily finance based on your customers' credit limits。

Diversity and dedication are the hallmarks of our team。

As a global company, Tradewind's diverse team consists of employees from all backgrounds。Our employees bring a dedicated spirit and experience in the fields of international trade and finance to work every day。

Rene Pastor

Customer first。Years of experience in trade finance have taught me that if you can think creatively, you can still find solutions to even the most complex situations。Customers value us because of our ability to meet their unique requirements。

Rene Pastor
Global Business President


Factoring cost consists of factoring fee, pre-financing interest rate and limit inspection fee。

Factoring fees are charged based on total sales and start from 0 per month.3% 到 0.75%, depending on factoring sales, payment terms, and debtor mix。

The four requirements of factoring include:

  • The invoiced delivery of services or goods must be unchallenged and complete
  • Accounts receivable may not be transferred or secured by third party rights
  • Accounts receivable maturity ranges from 14 to 120 days
  • A good credit assessment of the factoring company and its debtors

In a true factoring (also known as full-service factoring), accounts receivable are transferred to Tradeview, which assumes the full risk of default (del credere risk).。 The supplier is solely responsible for the legal status of the transferred receivables。

Your buyers will not be affected in any way。 You only have to inform your buyers of the new bank account details, so the only thing that changes is the bank account they have to pay for。 Your buyers will continue to discuss issues related to goods and services with you。

Tradewind can provide professional accounts receivable management with the highest level of reliability through a global network。 From written reminders to contacting debtors by phone, get outstanding invoices paid efficiently。

Let's each other Make connections

Discover the trade finance that meets your company's needs。

Initial communication and quotation


For your application, we will work closely with you to determine the details。On this basis, we will provide you with a quote。

Document submission

In many cases, the only documents required for our application are the latest annual financial statements, business analysis for the current financial year and a list of receivables 。

After clarifying all issues, submit the final due diligence document and sign the contract。


In the future, you ship goods to customers and collect shipping documents。You provide us with the invoice and shipping documents, and once the relevant documents are verified, you will receive a payment of up to 95% of the invoice value each time。We will pay the difference to you upon receipt of the buyer's payment。

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